Wednesday, 21 May 2014



On the 16th of May,2014 Team A netball team vs Howick Primary. When we started, we went on half of the court and practice our drills. When we were ready, we started our game. First we started with the ball, we passed it on and we shot, we scored a goal. We did really well when we scored that goal. When one of the my team passed the ball to me but when I was about to get it I slipped and I twisted my ankle. We kept on scoring but then one moment the ball went to the other side, and Howick Primary scored one goal. We went back into the game. Soon it was 10-1. Later Howick Primary scored a goal making the game really fun. When we scored goals their goal keeper was really tall but we got away with it. When the game was finished, the score was 14-2. We had won. It was a great game when it was our first match. It was pretty tiring after. We all shook our hands and said "good game, good game".

By Jocelyn           

Interschool Soccer

On Monday the School A Soccer team played soccer against Howick Primary and won 8-2. I scored 3, Jake scored 4 and Jordan V scored one. The team was Dana, Jake, Connor, Jordan, Jordan V, Fletcher, Samuel, Daniel and me.  There were lots of substitutions during the game. By half time it was 3-1 to us. My goals were mostly top corner, Jake's goals were all bottom corner and Jordan V's goal was a header. My first goal was setup by Fletcher where he passed it to me and I ran up the line and shot and scored. My second was from Jordan V where he passed it to me in the box and I shot it top corner. My third was when Connor crossed it in and I volleyed it. Then it was half time. I was off the first few minutes of the second half. At the start of the second half the other team had a corner, so they crossed it in and one guy volleyed it in the goal. But then Jake ran up and shot and scored. Jake got another when Fletcher crossed it in to him and he volleyed it bottom corner. Then we had poor defence and Howick scored a goal. But Jake scored another in the bottom corner. Then I went on for Jake. It was our corner, I took it, I crossed it in and Jordan V headed it in the goal. Jake then came on for Dana in the last minute and scored. So that's how we won 8-2.

By Finn

Te Tuhi

Te Tuhi

Room 2 went to Te Tuhi we got to look at all the pantings.  There were big and small ones. We got to do a painting of technology. We had to draw four or more things that are technology. We could only use four kinds of paint. We also had to rule four lines in the drawing to make it harder to paint. Then we had to go over it in vivid. Next we had to paint in the the spaces with three colours. The fourth colour was white. When we had finished the painting we went around the art gallery and looked at all the different kinds of art. We looked at art that college kids did. There were two kinds that both had a painting of a god in them. There was a piece of art that was made of two pieces of metal and wood. We also saw some famous artists.  There was a lady working on art there. Outside there was a tower that looked like it was made of blocks. It was made out of metal.       



On Wednesday 14th of May, Sally from Watercare came to BBPS  to talk about streams and stream pollution.

First Sally showed us a Powerpoint on stream pollution and pictures of bugs that live in or near streams. Then we did some pH tests which show acidity or alkalinity and the Nitrate test is to determine the presence of Nitrate.  After that Sally told us to get into pairs and she handed each pair a bottle containing drinks or powder to do the pH test. Most of the bottles were either acid or alkaline and hardly any were neutral.
In the pH test six, seven and eight is neutral but one, two, three, four, five is too acid and, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen is too alkaline. The pH test sticks have four tests and the Nitrate test sticks have two.

By Chloe

Our trip to the Stream

                               Our Trip To The Stream

 Room two went to Macleans Reserve for a trip,to learn about water care because it is our topic for this term.  We had to make scoops and bring white ice cream containers.  We took the bus to Macleans Reserve and the parents came on the bus too. We met Sally at The Water Care car.  She led us to the stream and we sat on the tarpaulin.  She told what we had to do and where we could go. Our group went down the stream near the end. Our part of the stream was very polluted and was orange and slimy. We did a turbidity test and we could not see any numbers through the plastic bottle,that means that water was very turbid. We did the nitrate test with the nitrate sticks and we had to match the colour to the chart. It came with an average pollution. Then we had to scoop up water and look for bugs.Then Sally called us back and we and to give the kits and containers back. Then we walked back to the bus,and said thank you to Sally and the parents. We had a great time.
By Zoe H

Willow Park EOTC Day

                             Willow Park      

On Tuesday 6 of may I was so excited , because that one day all of the Year Five children were going to Willow  Park.  It went until five o clock but I didn't care because we got to have dinner and ice cream
At school it looked like an ants in pants infestation [for the Year Fives]. All the Year Fives were chatting non-stop waiting at the doorways.
Then when the bell rang all the kids swarmed the hallway. After the roll we all walked down to Willow Park.

My group's first activity was orienteering. That's where you have a buddy. Then you run around finding pictures of animals and then you have to guess its name. I was with Alex so we ran off.  I found the first one.  It was a tree. We ran and ran. We found them all except 1 which was number 10.  Number 10 was Nikau.                

After orienteering it was wobbly bikes. Wobbly bikes is where there are some low level 3 wheeled bikes, with no pedals but a moveable footrest to make it move. You push one of your feet then the other. I played bump tag. Also at wobbly bikes there were bikes and scooters.

After wobbly wheels it was BMX riding. BMX 
riding is where you hop on a bike, that is just right for you and you ride round and round a big track.

After BMX riding it was kayak training. At kayak training you practice  paddling.  Then you did some drills with the paddles. 


After kayak training it was kayaking.  At kayaking you played paddle games like splash. Everyone  raced to the shore.  It was my favourite one.

After all of the activities there was a massive barbecue.  Every one had a good time. It was fun we had ice cream for dessert. 

 Willow Park was fun I wish I could do it again.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Chess Tournament

We Won the Eastern Zone Primary Chess Championship

On Thursday the 15th of May 2014, the A and B chess team went to a chess tournament. All of the chess people were told to meet at school by 7;30. As soon as everyone got there, the parents took the children in the car and headed towards Point View School where the teams play chess. Once the groups met each other, they had to set the pieces on the chess board so that it will be done by the time when we were supposed to play chess.

Soon, after the manager told everyone the rules and after an amount of time, everybody got started with their game. It was the same with the rest of the five games except that the manager didn't tell the rules in every game. In the end, the schools sat on chairs to listen to the score.

Some people got excited when they knew they were going to get a high place while others were just curious. It turned out to be that BBPS,  our school, won first and that they were going to go to the Nationals. The other schools were also proud of themselves especially the second or third placers. That was the first time in the whole history that Bucklands Beach Primary had ever won first to go to the Nationals.

By Nikolai