Wednesday, 21 May 2014



On the 16th of May,2014 Team A netball team vs Howick Primary. When we started, we went on half of the court and practice our drills. When we were ready, we started our game. First we started with the ball, we passed it on and we shot, we scored a goal. We did really well when we scored that goal. When one of the my team passed the ball to me but when I was about to get it I slipped and I twisted my ankle. We kept on scoring but then one moment the ball went to the other side, and Howick Primary scored one goal. We went back into the game. Soon it was 10-1. Later Howick Primary scored a goal making the game really fun. When we scored goals their goal keeper was really tall but we got away with it. When the game was finished, the score was 14-2. We had won. It was a great game when it was our first match. It was pretty tiring after. We all shook our hands and said "good game, good game".

By Jocelyn           

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  1. Sorry we haven't commented earlier. It looks as if you have had a very busy term just like us.
    Your netball games looked as if they were played in the sunshine! We had icey rain, wind and sun for the laast game!
    We have been studying Celebrations (It comes under our big inquiry topic of the year Where in the World) and wonder why people celebrate the things that they do. It has been a lot of fun as some of the celebrations are weird! Racing cheese down a hill, piggy backing your wife in a race, chunkin pumpkins, pillow fights, throwing tomatoes and the list goes on. There ware also commerations which is what ANZAC falls under.
    We have been celebrating football and Matariki, which has lead us to ask Mrs H if we can look at myths and legends from other cultures in the world. We found really interesting how the Maori explained the presence of the Star formation and how they used it to mark the start of their year.
    Anyhow have a great holiday and thanks for being our blogger buddies.
    When you visit our blog ypou might like to pop into Miss Hunts (room3) as her class are 1 to 2 years older than us and they do some cool things. Ka Kite